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We are a team of benefit advisors with American Income Life Insurance Company located in Las Vegas, NV. We are overseen by State General Agent, Corey Neff and led by Master General Agent, Jimmy Tchen.

Our team is dedicated to our products and committed to the relationships we have built with our policy holders. We use our expertise to guide our clients towards making well informed decisions that ensure their families are protected and financially prepared should they ever be faced with a tragedy. Our success is driven by the unity of our team and our sincerity  in our work. It’s our high standard of service and the quality of the products we offer, that make us stand out amongst our competitors.

Our mission is simply to create and act on opportunity. The opportunity to help people, the opportunity to cultivate innovative ideas, and the opportunity to create positive changes in the lives of the individuals and families we work to protect, and the lives of those we work with. It’s why we love doing what we do. 

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American Income Life


​American Income Life was established in 1951 by Bernard Rappaport. At that time, All he had to start his company with, was 25,000 in borrowed capital and an idea. Bernard wanted to build a company that offered affordable protection for America's working families. At the time, about 1/3 of the Workforce belonged to unions and, being a supporter of the workers movement, Bernard decided that his products should also cater to the needs of the workers that belonged to those unions. As his company grew, he began partnerships with those unions.

Since then, American Income has built strong relationships with the representatives and members of over 20,000 unions and associations from around the world. The company has sustained growth and profitability, even during periods when the industry was in a decline. AIL now accounts for over 130 million dollars of insurance industry sales per year and has agencies located all across the US, Canada and New Zealand. It is the only100% union-labeled insurance company and remains the largest provider of supplemental insurance benefits to unions and associations. American Income has over 3 billion dollars of life insurance in force and continuously rated A+ Superior in financial strength by AM Best Company. It's ability to maintain growth is due to the company’s high level of customer satisfaction, revolutionary lead system and lucrative compensation program. Currently, over 7000 employees work for AIL and the company provides coverage to over 2 million policyholders.

American income is committed to it's working families and has been an advocate for worker’s rights since it's start. The company created its own advisory board that consists of 50 international union leaders.The counsel advises AIL on the key issues that workers are facing and where American Income's support is needed. The company has given its support to the working class when faced with challenges such as, affordable healthcare, decent wages and the right to organize. Company employees have walked picket lines with union members, organized food banks, been involved in many community projects and actively contribute to countless charities and organizations to further their cause.

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