Markets & Partnering

The relationships we've built with the organizations we partner with and our policyholders, are the foundation of American Income. Every person helped, Every opportunity created and every success acheived would not exist today if it wasn't for their loyalty.

Labor Unions

We value the Support Our partnering Unions on a local and international level 

  • AIL Contributes thousands of dollars to support movements and causes of its partnering unions 
  • Thousands in contributions to local and national scholarship funds
  • Agencies participate in rallies, picketing and door knocking
  • AIL assists with political campaigns by organizing phone banks, surveying and voter registration.
  • AIL opened a line of communication between Unions by creating its Union Advisory Board. The board consists of top union representatives from 50 US and International unions. The board collaborates to identify key issues and advise on where American Income's efforts are best served.
  • AIL waives policy premiums when union members are laid off or go on strike. The waivers prevent the loss of coverage for those members when they are not earning an income. 
  • A union newsletter is published monthly by American Income to communicate recent news, events, policies and issues to the organized work force.
  • Thousands of dollars in no cost benefits to our partnering union members and their families.

Please contact us  if you would like more information about how your union can become an American Income Partner. Or if you are already an existing member of one of our partner unions and would like to speak to an American Income Representative.


Advisory Board 
AIL Monthly Union News Letter
Charity, scholarships and giving
Progressive Causes


American Income Partners with many different types of association's across the country regardless of size or purpose of the group. The Company is just as involved in the initiatives of its partnering associations, as it is with its partnering laboring and credit unions. AIL actively participates in events that further the associations initiatives and  regularly contributes to their charitable causes. On a state and local level AIL actively participates at events and with organizing community projects, such as food banks.


  • AIL works with a variety of organizations and recognizes that each has different needs. AIL will customize marketing plans that are specific to the needs of the individual association.
  • Our plans are able to help further the initiatives of the organization.
  • Members gain the benefit of receiving added coverage at no cost and have access to discounted medical services offered through our health partners program.
  • If you are the member of an association and would like more information, please contact us.                       .

Contact us If  you belong to a partnering organization and would  like information about your member benefits. 
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Other Markets

General Public

American Income's Market isn't limited to unions and associations only. The company has modulated it's products to fit the needs of large variety of other organizations, including:
  • churches
  •  non profits
  •  charities
  •  fraternal organizations
  •  senior groups
  • teams
  •  clubs
  •  homeowner associations
and many more.

​Due to the exclusivity of the relationships with its Partnering organizations, American Income doesn't advertise to the general public, however, despite the company's lack of exposure, the demand from the general public continues to increase. Recently, AIL has experienced a rise in its popularity  with the new generation of individuals and families within the general public market. This is due to their desire to maintain affordability without sacrificing quality. Contact us if you would like more information about our products.
If you are an individual or organization and would like more product information or to learn more about our partnering program.
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