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Did you know that 1 in 3 households could not maintain their standard of living if the primary wage earner died.  The risk a person takes by not protecting their family with life insurance is completely unnecessary.  

Oct 1st- Oct 20th

AIL-  Open Enrollment in Nevada!  
 Member Plans at Member prices

October 10th- October 14th

We'll be in Tonopah,Nevada!

Hi Tonopah Residents! We are visiting our existing union/association members in your area to service policies and  deliver their requested benefits. We still have openings in our sched ule and would like to extend our services to you.

  Individuals and families that are not members of our partnering organizations. Our visit falls within one of our open enrollment periods which allows the general public to receive no-cost benefits that are normally only made available to our members. Open Enrollment also gives the general public the opportunity to enroll in some of our exclusive member priced supplemental plans.  Don't miss your chance to enroll!

Organizations in Tonopah that are not American Income Partners. Its known that Unions and organizations strive to make the best benefits available to their members.  They have a choice of hundreds of companies to work with and they choose AIL. Our company is the #1 choice supplemental insurance company for unions and organizations across the US. and serves over 20,000  unions, associations and organizations.  Partnering with AIL costs nothing and enables unions and organizations to provide a valuable service to their members.  We are passionate about what we do and are dedicated to giving quality protection at affordable prices. If you would like more information about becoming a partner with AIl Please contact us.

Parents, Did you know that Nevada is #2 in the country for child Abductions? That's why the International Union of Police
Associations AFL-CIO,  The American Federation of
School Administrators (ASFA), and The American Federation 
of Teachers (AFT) have endorsed AIL to get as many child safety identification kits into the hands of parents and family members, as possible.  AIL's child safe program offers these kits and other additional benefits at no cost along with valuable information about how to protect your family.

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Oct 1st - OCT 20th

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