Our Products

Quality, affordability, exclusivity and perks......thats just a few of the many reasons we are the #1 choice supplemental insurance provider for Unions and Associations across the U.S.

We understand that everyone's situation is unique, thats why we dont cookie-cut our benefit packages or try to push you into buying coverage that you don't need. When you meet with one of our advisors, they will help you to identify your individual needs by taking into account, your existing coverage, income, and other factors relating to your current situation. They will work with you to develop a plan that is tailored fit to your individual needs and for a price that works within your budget.  Our plans are permanent, portable, customizable and in your  independent control. 

​Life Products

  Whole Life  
  • Whole Life offers permanent coverage. The premium always remains the same throughout the lifetime of the policy and the policy also builds cash value. The cash value grows at a fixed rate that is guaranteed, regardless of stock market performance The policy owner  may withdraw the cash value should the need ever arise. Many people Purchase whole life insurance because of the investment aspect or to cover final expenses.

  • All of our whole life plans have the Freedom of Choice  feature built into them. This Feature is exclusive to our company and allows for immediate payment of final expenses. Its purpose is to alleviate the financial strain placed on family members  when making the final arrangements for a loved one and to give them the freedom to hold final services anywhere they choose.

  Term Life
  • ​Term Life insurance offers temporary coverage for a fixed period of time. Unlike whole life insurance, term does not build cash value and when the coverage period ends, the premium will typically increase. Term is normally less expensive than whole life and is typically purchased for temporary protection of something such as mortgage protection, income replacement os a main provider, college education or to ensure financial care of a child, etc.​​​​

Product features, Riders and Waivers

  • ​Our Terminal illness rider is an exclusive option that is available with all of our life products at no cost. Fighting to live is a battle on its own and the financial effects can be devastating. Should a policyholder ever be diagnosed with a terminal illness, the rider enables them to Request up to 50% of the policy's face amount to use in whatever way they wish.  ​

  • The layoff waiver protects a policyholder against a lapse in  coverage if payments cannot be made as a result of a job loss.  American income will waive the premiums of all policies without ever needing to pay them back. The waiver is a no-cost  feature of all of our products.

  • Our strike waiver is one more feature. If a Union member is out of  work due to a union strike. We wave their premiums for up to a  year and they don't need to be paid back.

  • The Disability waiver is an add on option. It works as insurance on your insurance. If permanently disabled and unable to return to your original line of work, your premiums  are waived going forth

​​For additional information regarding our policies please contact us. We are happy to assist you. 

Supplemental Products

    Accident Protection
You never know when an accident is going to happen, Find out how our accidental coverage can help ensure you are financially prepared for the unexpected.

    Hospital Indemnity
Our indemnity coverage can help supplement your health insurance and help with the cost of receiving medical treatment.

    Cancer Protection
The National Cancer Society estimates that over 1.6 million people with be diagnosed with cancer in 2016 and over half a million people will die from it. The Cost of having cancer can be thousands upward. Our protection can help cover the unexpected medical costs for treatment any to supplement any income that may result from missing work

    Critical illness
 Inquire about how our critical illness plans can help you and your family when faced with crisis.

No- Cost Benefits

We care about every family we sit down with and bring more than just great service and our expertise.We also provide valuable information along with the many benefits we offer for no cost. Some of our no-cost benefits include:

  • Family information guide
  • Child Safe Kits
  • Partners healthcare discount program
  • Med facts Kits

Please contact us if you would like more information about the benefits we offer at no cost.